I help agencies, filmmakers and creatives in achieving their goals. From social media content to feature films: I will tackle every obstacle with you until the result is satisfying.

My Work Philosophy

„The way you can awaken feelings just by putting one picture after the other is magical to me.”

Consciously looking for these moments, internalizing them and learning from them gets me excited in a way that I just need to do this for the rest of my life.


Latest Projects

Huber – Irritierende Verfremdung

Origin shining light and casting shadows. The accomplished german artist Stephan Huber lets us take a look behind the curtains. Director Matt Schömer and DoP Josua Stäbler convert the information in stunning visual style.

Director: Matt Schömer
Director of Photography: Josua Stäbler
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: fatrat Color Grading
Sounddesign: Felix WiedemannSoundmixing: PeterHacker
Talent: Stephan Huber

Christopher Rownes | Passion for Movement

When passion leads through life, everything can change and yet remain connected in a set of parallels. It won’t be the passion that changes but only the appearance of that passion.

Production Company: FLY-FOCUS
Producer: Benjamin Laschet
Director: Marcus Sies
Director of Photography: Marcus Sies
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: Marcus Sies
Sounddesign: Julian Lindenmann
Music: Slow Meadow
Talent: Christopher Rownes
Dancers: ZHdK Zurich Contemporary Dance

TIMO - all it takes is all you’ve got

The story of Timo Schwarzkopf. A kosovar refugee who decided to dedicate his life to be a professional Boxer.Written and directed by Marcus Sies

Director: Marcus Sies
Director of Photography: Marcus Sies & Aaron Kuder
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: Marcus Sies
Sounddesign: Julian Lindenmann
Music: Julian Lindenmann
Talent: Timo Schwarzkopf

OTTO NORMAL - Schritt für Schritt feat. Nico Suave

Vibrant sounds need vibrant pictures! This music video brings the talent of band Otto Normal and DOP Marcus Sies together, creating something pleasing for eye and soul. Sprinkled with performances of Julia Sophie Ladner and Milena Junge dancing and a lyrical feature by Rapper Nico Suave the piece is complete.

Producer: Peter Stöcklin
Director: Marcus Sies & Peter Stöcklin
Director of Photography: Marcus Sies
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: Marcus Sies
Music: Otto Normal

Nishika - Marc & David

Producer: Marc And David
Director: Marc And David
Director of Photography: Marc And David
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: Felix Wiedemann
Sounddesign: Felix Wiedemann
Music: Skygaze
Dancer: Minh2

ShameOff – Die Freiheithinter der Scham:

5 different women taking a journey, talking about shame, showing themselves. Through courage this film hopes to spark a change in everyone who has come in contact with the feeling of not being right.

Production: All YouCan
Content Idea & Concept: Katja Glöckler
Director of Photography: Lars Stauder
Additional Camera: Felix Schäfer, Felix Wiedemann
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: Marcus Sies
Sounddesign: Felix Wiedemann
Soundmixing: MatteoBest
Talent: Christina Emmer, Katja f., Caro Auer, Rosanna Ruo, Katja Glöckler

Gemeinsam reisen, Gemeinschaft erleben -Gruppenreisen als Gemeinschaftserlebnis:

How does it feel? The experience of being in a new country. With a group of people, all different yet harmonizing. Here's a glimps at what it's like, sparking the feeling of wanderlust.

Production Company: muthmedia
Director of Photography: Felix Wiedemann
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Colorgrading: muthmedia
Sounddesign: muthmedia

FXD STGT | Keine Fahrradstadt

Explore the Automotive shaped City Stuttgart through different eyes! Let the City's very own Fixedgear Bike subculture take you on their journey of changing the non-Bikecity (Keine Fahrradstadt) to their own cyclist friendly city (Deine Fahrradstadt).

Producer: Florian Schuster
Director: Sebastian Weitbrecht
Director of Photography: Sebastian Weitbrecht & Fabian Freitag
Editing: Felix Wiedemann
Title Design: Irina Abt
Sounddesign: Sebastian Selg
Music: (Producer: Roman Schneider, Gitarre: Matthias Arbter, Vocals: Dennis Homm)
Talent: MOF

My Purpose

„Sustainability is a subject close to my heart..”

Enviromentally-conscious projects deserve special attention and will be met by me in this way. Get in touch so we can work out a tailored offer.


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